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Part # 2015 Price List
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Part # K101
  $2,500.00 buy K101 now  
(K100PL) PAN Disrupter Unit (12ga)
Part # K100
  $2,600.00 buy (K100PL) PAN Disrupter Unit (12ga) now  
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Part # K102
  $4,300.00 buy K102 now  
Part # K998PL
  $4,400.00 buy K998PL now  
(K4300PL) T3 Disrupter Unit (12ga)
Part # K4300PL
  $3,500.00 buy (K4300PL) T3 Disrupter Unit (12ga) now  
Part # K100PL
  $2,500.00 buy K100PL now  
(K4500PL) T3 Disrupter kit with post stand
Part # K4500PL
  $5,400.00 buy (K4500PL)   T3 Disrupter kit with post stand now  
Tactical disrupter
Part # 4300-12
   buy Tactical disrupter now  
(K7000) .357 Magnum Micro Disrupter Kit
Part # K7000
  $3,250.00 buy (K7000) .357 Magnum Micro Disrupter Kit now  
(K998PL) PAN Kit with post stand
Part # K998POST
  $4,400.00 buy (K998PL)   PAN Kit with post stand now  
(K200PL) Mini PAN Disrupter Unit (410)
Part # K200
  $2,500.00 buy (K200PL)  Mini PAN Disrupter Unit  (410) now  


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