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Part # K2033G
Price: $625.00

 This new green laser has the ability to fit over a PAN barrel or inside the bore. It has interchangeable adapters. The slip over adapter has no thumb screw and fits on and off the barrel easily. It uses a special type of o-ring. There are two different bore adapters. One is for any PAN barrel smooth bore. It uses two o-rings. The smooth bore adapter is for bores at .730.  The other is for a rifled disrupter or rifled tip, like the T3 disrupter tip, and it uses two o-rings. It has an ID of .720. Any changing of the green laser between the adapters may require a re-adjustment of the windage and elevation screws.
 The green laser may be purchased with only the adapter you wish to have. The K2033G comes with all adapters. The 2033G comes with only the over the barrel adapter.


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