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Tactical disrupter

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Tactical disrupter
Part # 4300-12

 This 12 gauge 12 inch barrel disrupter is used for tactical purposes. The barrel is made from titanium and has an ACME threaded muzzle end to accept the standard T3 disrupter smooth bore and rifle bore tips. it can be fired as a 12 inch disrupter with a plastic thread protector on the muzzle end threads. It is not designed to use water as a 12 inch disrupter, but can fire water shots if used with the 3 smooth bore tip.This disrupter uses the standard T3 disrupter breech cap and plug. It can be used in any standard PAN clamp. The muzzle end is larger than a standard PAN muzzle, so an over the barrel PAN laser will not fit. You must use a bore sight laser or a larger over the barrel laser adapter.
 This disrupter can be purchased as only the barrel or as a starter kit. Please call for pricing. 


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